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What’s Up This Week: July 3rd to July 7th

Grilling, fireworks, a touch of VDI news, and the 63rd anniversary of Elvis Presley’s radio debut are all up ahead for the SMB channel in this holiday-shortened week. By Rich Freeman

With the July 4th holiday falling on a Tuesday this year, the SMB channel’s week ahead will be a slow one outside of a VDI announcement from Dell, leaving us plenty of time to discuss fireworks, screws, and Elvis Presley.

See our industry events calendar for a look at what’s up this year.

July 4thTuesday, July 4th

  • It’s America’s 241st birthday!

Reader ROI: And if you’re among the 219 million of your fellow citizens planning to celebrate, chances are good you’ll enjoy picnicking and fireworks today. Indeed, Americans are expected to spend $7.1 billion on Independence Day cookouts this year, up from $6.8 billion in 2016, and attend an estimated 16,000 fireworks displays.

Those include the Addison Kaboom Town! show in Addison, Texas, which actually took place July 3rd and was projected to draw half a million spectators eager to check out the new “diamond screamers and stained glass shells,” plus the new ghost shells, “which will break from one side to the other in a wave.”

If you missed that one, there’s still time to sprint out to the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration in Idaho Falls, Idaho, for the largest fireworks display west of the Mississippi, which organizers promise will be even bigger than last year’s 31-minute, 17,550 shell extravaganza. And yes reader, we’ve done the math for you: That’s a little over 566 shells a minute, or 9.4 per second.

If you’re responsible for any of the anticipated $850 million in spending on consumer fireworks this year, meanwhile, please enjoy responsibly! Every finger you lose will make getting stuff done at the keyboard that much harder.

Dell VDIThursday, July 6th

  • Dell breaks some big VDI news.

Reader ROI: And you want to know what kind of big VDI news, don’t you? Well, you’ll have to come back to this website on Thursday to find out, because we’re sworn to secrecy until then.

Friday, July 7th

  • ElvisIt’s the 81st birthday of the Phillips head screw!

Reader ROI: How do you know it’s a slow news week? When you find yourself honoring screw heads.

Anyway, on this day in 1936 a certain Henry F. Phillips filed several patents for the cross-head screw design he had purchased the previous year from its inventor, a gentleman named John Thompson who no doubt spent the rest of his life wondering why hardware stores don’t sell Thompson head screwdrivers. The new design caught on rapidly, mostly because factory machines that lack the hand-eye coordination to align a flathead screw and screwdriver can seat themselves in a Phillips head screw on their own.

But enough about screws. Let’s talk Elvis! Because eight years to the day after Henry F. Phillips’s date with destiny, Elvis Presley made his radio debut, performing “That’s All Right (Mama),” the career-launching song he had made at Sun Records just two days earlier. The album went on to sell 20,000 copies, a tiny portion of the estimated 1 billion+ Elvis albums purchased worldwide to date. T.C.B., people. T.C.B.

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