Webalo Joins Symantec Sealed Program

As a Symantec Sealed partner, Webalo’s cloud-based self-service enterprise mobility platform will be integrated to work with Symantec App Center. By Admin

Webalo Inc. has become a Symantec Sealed partner. As part of that relationship, Symantec Corp. will include Webalo's cloud-based, self-service enterprise mobility platform in the Symantec Sealed Program, which assures enterprise customers of Symantec App Center that the apps they buy are protected in a comprehensive data and mobile application security workspace providing enterprise-class security, authentication, encryption, and content controls.

Webalo's technology, which uses a step-by-step, point-and-click configuration process to create and deploy enterprise-to-mobile capabilities in minutes, provides its own internal security, but as part of the Symantec Sealed Program, Webalo will integrate Symantec's security and management features, such as encryption, authentication, data loss prevention policies, app distribution and revocation, into its platform. As a Symantec Sealed partner, Webalo's technology is integrated and tested to work with Symantec App Center, providing a seamless and secure centralized mobile workforce productivity management console as part of the Symantec Mobile Management Suite.

As a Symantec Sealed app, Webalo will be visible to enterprise customers that are leveraging the Symantec App Center. Customers will then be able to use a single enterprise mobility platform for securing and managing apps, devices, and content on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Webalo will distribute the “Symantec Sealed” version of its product on third-party platforms such as Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Additional information about Los Angeles-based Webalo's products, customers, and partners is available at www.webalo.com. To learn about the Symantec Sealed Program, visit www.symantec.com/sealed-program.