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Vox Channeli: Nice Work, Hewlett-Packard!

Partners are generally satisfied with the way things have gone since you split into two companies. By Rich Freeman

This week’s dual HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Global Partner Conferences make for a good opportunity to ask how the division of Hewlett-Packard into two companies has gone for members of the former Palo Alto, Calif.-based vendor’s one-time channel.

Ask HPE that question, and the perhaps unsurprising answer is swimmingly.

“Basically the feedback we’ve heard is that it was a non-event from a partner perspective,” says Jesse Chavez, vice president of worldwide channel sales and alliances in HPE’s enterprise group. “They were quite happy. They were worried that there were going to be some kinks but they felt nothing at all, so they were very positive about the separation.”

Well, says you, HPE. We wondered if your partners themselves, not to mention HP’s, share that assessment of the matter, so we asked them about it on our latest reader survey. The results suggest that while “felt nothing at all” and “very positive” might be an exaggeration, “quite happy” pretty much isn’t.

Vox Channeli: Nice Work, Hewlett-Packard!

In fact, a sizeable 27 percent of survey participants who partner with HP, HPE, or both said the switch from one company to two has gone, well, swimmingly, leaving their prior vendor relationship(s) as strong as ever. More than twice as many partners are satisfied with how the split has transpired, but have experienced a few of those kinks Chavez says never happened. And a mere 14 percent have encountered enough of those non-existent kinks to be downright unhappy with the breakup.

Nicely done, HP and HPE. These figures may not be consistent with a “non-event,” but given the scale of your separation—HPE has roughly 86,000 partners globally and HP a whopping 230,000—they’re pretty impressive just the same.

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