Top 6 High-Tech Additions to Your Master Bedroom

Recipe for relaxation calls for better lighting, shades and A/V controls. By Admin

With a few high-tech additions, your master suite can be a sweet retreat for bedtime, lazy mornings, and any time in between. Here are some ideas, and alternate options where applicable, to bring a no-tech bedroom like the one pictured here up to speed in ways that will make it more comfortable and pleasant.

Made in the Shade
One of the most important additions to this room would be motorized shading. Tied to a timer, the shades can close at bedtime and open at a preset time in the morning. Using a handheld remote, the shades can be lowered to block out the sun when you'd like to watch TV … or just need a nap. Be sure to choose a fabric with the appropriate weave: The tighter the weave the more privacy and sunblock you'll get.

Remote Lighting
A simple lighting control system, like the Maestro from Lutron, allows the lights to be operated from a handheld remote so you don't need to roll out of bed. You can set up special scenes like movie time, bedtime, wakeup and romantic that will brighten and dim to the intensity levels appropriate for each activity. OR If you have a full-blown home control system, keep a nightstand touchpanel (or mobile device and appropriate apps) so you can set the lighting, as well as the thermostats, security and other connected subsystems, before closing your eyes.

Cornerstone TV
Due to the windows facing the bed, the logical place for a TV would be in the corner. Attach the display to a mount that pulls out and swivels so you can aim at the bed, and then push it up against the wall when you're not using it. OR Once you've got the shades taken care of, have your custom electronics pro work with a company like Inca or Auton that designs custom lifts that can be modded into foot of the bedframe so the TV pops up when you're ready to watch. Another way to hide a TV, if you don't have to put it in a corner, is by using a motorized artwork concealment mount, like from Vutec and Media Decor, to make the set disappear.

Simplified Sound
Due to the layout of this room (the TV in the corner), a surround-sound system might be difficult to pull off. Still, be sure to install at least two speakers in the ceiling, preferably near the bed so that you don't have to crank the TV to hear the audio. OR Use a mount that allows you to attach a soundbar speaker below the TV, so when it swivels out the speaker goes along for the ride.

Bass Boost

For extra audio impact, consider sliding a subwoofer underneath the bed. Many wireless models are available for installation ease. Your mattress will shake, rattle and rumble right along with the movie. Many soundbars include a wireless sub, too.

Smart Sensor
Late night trips to the bathroom needn't involve stumbling over the dog. An occupancy sensor, programmed to work only at night, can activate the bathroom lights, but at a dim level so you don't wake your sleeping spouse or need to shield your tired eyes from the glare.

These solutions show you the beginnings of what's possible.

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