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TiVo Launches 'What to Watch Now' for iPad

The new dashboard combines recommendations and personal preferences for TiVo subscribers. By Admin

Thanks to the dawn of the DVR, you can pretty much watch what you want, whenever you want. When it comes to what's on TV though, you don't always know what to watch. Now, TiVo has launched “What to Watch Now,” a personal dashboard designed for iPad users.

As part of TiVo's whole-home, multiscreen solution, “What to Watch Now” delivers recommendations and personal preferences in an easy-to-read format for iPad users.

The app basically gives users programming selections, without having to browse a guide or surf channels. It uses the viewer's preferences and viewing history to assess live programs available within the next 30 minutes against real-time, regional viewing trends, and user-defined preferences.

A few of the “What to Watch Now” feeds can also be branched out to show what's popular on TV, sports (which is powered by Thuuz), kids programming, favorite channels, and much more.

Oh, and speaking of sports, Thuuz offers sports metadata for live events, ranks games, and even helps TiVo users find must-watch games at that moment.

“What you truly love to watch on TV shouldn't be hard to find,” said Jim Denney, VP or product marketing at TiVo. “What to Watch Now puts in front of you the choices to watch that you most care about every time you turn on the TV. It helps you effortlessly filter through what can seem like infinite choice by giving you the immediate viewing options that are most important to you. With this feature, shows, sports or movies you will want to watch are made available quickly and easily, making great use of the personalization features for which TiVo has long been known.

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