SYNNEX's CONVERGESolv Secure Networking Group Launches Optimized Networking Proof of Concept Lab

The lab provides a test bed for resellers to demo new software-defined networking solutions and other advanced server and storage solutions. By ChannelPro

IT products and services distributor SYNNEX Corp. has launched an optimized networking Proof of Concept Lab for resellers to demonstrate new software-defined networking (SDN) solutions and other advanced server and storage solutions. By using the lab, resellers have the opportunity to test new initiatives prior to introducing them to their customers.

SYNNEX is working with key vendors such as HP, whose products are being used to provide reliable connectivity for underlying compute and storage infrastructure. The HP 2900 series ProCurve switches provide security and management features for larger organizations as well as customers building high-performance networks. The lab also demonstrates Avaya's full communications and collaboration portfolios for unified communications, with Avaya Fabric Connect Networking coming in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The SYNNEX Proof of Concept Lab currently has the capabilities to demonstrate the following technologies:

  • NEC: a Programmable Flow offering redefining cloud network virtualization with OpenFlow
  • Arista Networks: an ultra-low latency back bone using Arista EOS (extensible operating system)
  • SolarFlare: 10GbE low-latency and high-performance adapters that employ a cut-through architecture

Collaborating with Red Hat, the lab will also features Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization data center virtualization platform. Through collaborations with leading software, storage, and server manufacturers, the lab integrates full data center virtualization and unified communications solutions, providing the foundation for public, private, and hybrid cloud projects.

The Proof of Concept lab will roll out new solutions through the first quarter of 2014 and will continue to align with SYNNEX's overall networking growth strategy.

SYNNEX U.S. Distribution President Peter Larocque says that by partnering with strategic vendors and the distributor's own channel management team, the new lab enables channel pros to explore and develop various solutions. Further, Laroque notes that resellers taking advantage of the SYNNEX's technology and research can "stay ahead of the game during the beginning of a paradigm shift in the networking landscape."

SYNNEX believes that SDN has the potential to radically change the way networks are provisioned and deployed today, citing such benefits as reduced network management costs, improved business continuity, simplified IT management, increased application deployment and responsiveness to business demands, and the ability to support a rapidly growing number of users and devices that traditional network practices cannot.

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