SYNNEX' CONVERGESolv Secure Networking Group Adds Managed Wireless, Hosted Notifications

The offerings expand the distributor's CONVERGESolv Secure Networking Group's portfolio of value-added services. By ChannelPro

SYNNEX Corp., a leading distributor of IT products and services, announced that its CONVERGESolv Secure Networking Group has added managed wireless and hosted notifications to its portfolio of value-added services. The Fremont, Calif.-based company made the announcement at its 2013 National Conference in Greenville, S.C.

Through the new managed wireless offering, SYNNEX is able to access and manage each access point, providing initial setup and configuration, 24/7 monitoring, alerts when access points fail, troubleshooting assistance, firmware upgrades, and policy changes.

The second component of SYNNEX' new offerings includes a subscription-based, cloud service that automates reminder calls often associated with medical offices, billings and collections, and group notifications. For instance, physicians can issue appointment reminders or provide lab results for their patients. This service provides resellers the opportunity to offer more value-add for their customers' businesses.

"These new services provide the kind of reoccurring revenue and higher margin opportunities resellers need to continue to be successful," said Peter Larocque, president, U.S. Distribution for SYNNEX Corp., in a statement.

For more information on managed wireless and hosted notifications offerings through SYNNEX' CONVERGESolv group, visit SYNNEX.