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SMBKitchen: Why you don't want to use CheckPoints in real life on a DC

*Kids don't try this at home*

Yes, I'm doing something I shouldn't because I'm lazy and I think I can make sure my proof of concept domain is okay.  But to do this on a real server... not a wise move.  In particular rolling back to a snapshot (checkpoint on R2 - new name for it) on SBS 2011 will most likely mangle your SharePoint - I've personally mangled it because it gets the automatic password changing that the SharePoint script does on the box go wacko.

I've personally seen that side effect when rolling back to a previous snapshot on a SBS 2011 test box.

So bottom line don't do it the right way on a production server and have a backup - preferably in multiple ways.  MS backup/Storagecraft/however many ways you can afford.

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