Seiko Instruments Unveils Newest Member of Qaliber Printer Family

The Qaliber Lite Model RP-D10 printer offers a smaller footprint and increased flexibility at a lower price point. By ChannelPro

Seiko Instruments USA Inc. Thermal Printer Division has released its newest addition to the Qaliber receipt printer line. With its cube design, the new lite model RP-D10 offers a smaller footprint at a lower price point, while freeing up space at the POS. In addition, the printer supports both front and top-access control allowing flexibility to slide a printer under the counter.

With print speeds of almost 8 inches/second, the RP-D10 is designed to accelerate transactions and enables users to add valuable data such as coupons, loyalty program information, and extended warranty information. Other features of both the RP-D10 and RP-E models include service life ratings of a minimum of 62 miles of printing and over 1.5 million cuts, using the anti-jamming, heavy-duty auto-cutter.

Like its RP-E counterpart, the RP-D10 units are available in "onyx" black, and "ice" white and include USB, Serial, Powered USB, or Ethernet interfaces. Command emulation is also provided to enable faster printer replacement.

"This new lite model printer truly resonates with the channel because it is designed to help overcome real-world business and technical challenges at the POS," says Kaz Onishi, vice president, Seiko Instruments USA. "It is smaller in size, offers increased flexibility, has increased performance, and is aesthetically pleasing-all at a value-driven price point."