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Schneider Electric's Powerbus Busway Drives Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

A new power distribution solution maximizes cooling efforts and availability. By Admin

Schneider Electric, the energy management giant, has announced Powerbus busway for data centers. Powerbus plug-in busway is an energy-efficient solution that delivers adaptable power distribution in data centers.

Traditional power distribution is a mess of power feeds under a raised floor, which block airflow and lead to energy waste. Powerbus plug-in busway moves power distribution from below the floor to above the IT cabinet rows, enabling flexible power distribution to multiple electrical loads below. The overhead configuration reduces energy waste by maximizing cooling potential while PowerLogic energy metering with remote connectivity assists data center power usage effectiveness (PUE) measurement and helps control energy costs. New enhanced plug-in units offer customized drop cords and connectors to adapt to unpredictable future power demands.

Features and benefits of the Powerbus busway include:

  • Improved Power Availability - Above-the-row busway systems eliminate underfloor cable distribution and power distribution unit (PDU) panels making it easier to move, add, or change critical branch circuits. Quick identification of overloaded circuits and reconfiguration of right-sized circuits support data center availability. Prescribing redundant overhead row power architecture increases data center resiliency.
  • Safety Standards - Powerbus busway is listed to UL857, Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety for Busways. Powerbus plug-in busway features a totally-enclosed housing and each plug-in opening is rated IP2x for ingress protection. The standard busway system is rated NEMA 1 for general-purpose indoor use, and Powerbus enclosure rating options include a dust- and splash- resistant IP54 rated system.
  • Optimize Total Cost of Ownership - Overhead design eliminates PDUs and remote power panels (RPP) from the IT floor space while enhancing under floor cooling. Operating expenses are significantly reduced by relocating overhead power drops for easier IT equipment changes versus hard to reconfigure cable and conduit or IT power whip systems.
  • Quick Installation - Powerbus busway uses a snap-and-bolt hanger design, plug-in straight length joint connections and tool-less plug-in unit installation. The all-aluminium housing reduces weight, minimizing installation work. The busway plug-in units with Square D QOU unit mount miniature circuit breakers, drop-cords and a variety of connectors are available factory-assembled and tested, greatly reducing installation time and labor cost.
  • Energy Efficiency - Monitor row-level energy demand with the new PowerLogic PM5350 power meter, which offers accuracy, a comprehensive measurement package, alarm capabilities, and simple operation. Plug into your energy usage with a mouse click via the PowerLogic EGX300 integrated gateway-server requiring only a Web browser and Ethernet network to remotely log and display real-time data.

Schneider Electric's Powerbus busway connects the company's strengths in gray space distribution equipment and in white space IT physical infrastructure, rounding out a complete data center power distribution offering.

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