Sage Enhances Channel Program

Identifying cross-sell opportunities, focus on MDF, and education are highlights of the program. By Admin

Sage North America, based in Irvine, Calif., has announced several enhancements to its channel partner program. First is the Sage Product and Company Scoring Initiative, which identifies the most promising cross-sell opportunities within a partner's customer base. It predicts which customers will have the highest potential to purchase other Sage solutions, showing the probability of a particular customer needing particular solutions. By aggregating attributes (such as industry, number of users, and complexity of their business) into a single company score, Sage is able to enter the data into a vehicle that shares the information with Sage business partners.

The Sage Market Development Fund Program is intended to better align partner marketing activities with Sage initiatives and objectives by focusing on activities that will most effectively drive new business and support cross-sell efforts. Sage revenue growth managers will work closely and selectively with Sage partners to identify, build, and execute campaigns co-financed by Sage. The current Sage Partner Advantage Co-op Program is being retired on April 30.

The Sage Customer Symposium Series is designed to help Sage customers learn about product news, the Sage technology roadmap, and relevant industry trends. Sage customers also have the opportunity to interact with their peers and speak directly with Sage executives and product insiders. The Sage Customer Symposium Series kicked off in December in Houston and will continue throughout the year across the country.

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