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Rebooting my project....

I'm going to reboot my project a bit.

I didn't do my due diligence and I want to showcase how it really should be done.  I failed to take the time to really inventory what I have because I already know what I have.  But to be fair to this blogging project I shouldn't assume that I do.

So with my HP Microserver HyperV box at the ready we're going to roll back to where I started (kids don't do this on a production network - one should restore not cheat and use the HyperV snapshot (or whatever they decided to call it in R2 these days)

And then we're going to follow THIS documentation --

Not the Microsoft one.

Stay tuned as we begin again.

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Susan is just a wacko SBSer who started down her path by hanging out in the SBS newsgroup community. She's not a Microsoft employee or affiliated with Microsoft. Get a feel of the SBS “vibe” and join in the SBS community!

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