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Opportunity Calls Made On Clients’ Behalf

Carrie Simpson took a talent for cold calling and grew it into a binational business that sets up sales meetings between MSPs and end-user sales prospects, and vendors and prospective MSPs.

By Cecilia Galvin

Carrie Simpson has been busy. In addition to founding Managed Sales Pros in Winnipeg, Canada, three years ago, she launched a related company in Las Vegas a year later, Everywhere Managed. Whereas her original company sets up sales meetings between channel partners and their end-user prospects, both companies also set up appointments from the other end of the sales chain, helping vendors and distributors build their partner channels.

ChannelPro-SMB: Could we start with an overview of both companies? I assume that they are intrinsically related.

Carrie Simpson: They are intrinsically related. Managed Sales Pros started out as a company that supported MSPs exclusively, helping them identify new opportunities for monthly recurring revenue in the 20- to 200-userspace. We run programs on a geographically exclusive basis. We do all of the MSP’s cold-call prospecting, we identify opportunities, and we schedule sales appointments.

Once an MSP signs up with us, the only thing they have to do is look at their calendar. We do everything else necessary to build them a sales pipeline. We currently have about 30 MSP clients.

ChannelPro-SMB: But there is another offering from Managed Sales Pros now, correct?

Simpson: Yes. Vendors started asking us to introduce them to this or that MSP client, so we decided to build a vendor practice as well. Our second Managed Sales Pros offering is a pay-for-performance [plan] for any vendor or distributor looking for introductions to MSPs in the channel. We have a database of about 50,000 IT service providers. We call into it nonstop every day for about 10 vendors plus ourselves.

We have been able to create a fairly robust segmentation into that database. We can now deliver if a company wants to talk to MSPs who have more than 10 employees and more than 2,000 endpoints under management, for example, and who are using Kaseya but aren’t using Autotask.

Our database is also smart enough now to tell us who answers his phone and where our best shots lie. With that, we have created an outbound pay-for-performance, channel-building program for vendors. All of that is done out of our U.S. office, employing U.S. workers and contractors. That is how Everywhere Managed came to be.

ChannelPro-SMB: Are vendors looking for the contact information so they can approach the partner? Or do you do that?

Simpson: We approach the partner. We are trained to present the [vendor’s] value proposition. We do all the objection handling. If somebody says, “Well, we’re using Intronis, and we’re really happy with it,” our callers are trained to explain why [for example] Datto would be a better choice, and then ask if they would like to meet. If they say no, that’s fine. We don’t share information on anyone who says no.

ChannelPro-SMB: How does the pay-for-performance work?

Simpson: The only thing that vendors buy from us is successful meetings. The potential partner attends that meeting or it’s nonbillable. It’s completely risk-free and 100 percent pay per performance. Conversion rates sit at around 20 to 25 percent for most programs.

ChannelPro-SMB: Do you use your lists exclusively or will you do outbound calling from clients’ lists?

Simpson: We will use vendors’ lists, but then we charge a flat rate. There is no guarantee on performance, but there is a constant level of activity provided. Again, we only share successful information. If someone says, “No,” the vendor does not receive information on why the person said no or what he is doing instead. They only get the successful sign-up.

ChannelPro-SMB: Why did you start Everywhere Managed instead of just expanding Managed Sales Pros?

Simpson: We started Everywhere Managed because we had an engagement from a U.S. company, and they specifically wanted an on-premises U.S. call team.

When we first launched the [Managed Sales Pros] business, everyone worked from their own home offices, anywhere in North America. Then when we signed this large vendor contract, the company made it contingent on using U.S. callers, all in one building. So we built ourselves a call center.

We stayed with that client company for about a year and a half, until they established enough business to build their own in-house sales development representative (SDR) team. By that time, we had signed a couple more vendor contracts, so we had a viable business in the U.S. and a way we could legally employ and pay people.

Now we have a 5,000-square-foot call center in Las Vegas, where we’re building and managing our call team on-premises, instead of virtually. We also have a great virtual call team, managed by a virtual manager.

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