Motorola Solutions' Wireless Connectivity Infrastructure Now Offered by SYNNEX's MOBILITYSolv

The new offering provides resellers with end-to-end mobility applications and the opportunity to build a services-led business model around mobility. By ChannelPro

MOBILITYSolv, the Global Mobility Solutions business unit of IT distributor SYNNEX Corp., is now offering wireless and network solutions from Motorola Solutions Inc., which provides mission-critical communications and services.

SYNNEX, with Motorola, is driving programs, tools, and combined solutions to help VARs and MSPs build services-led business models to mobilize SMBs and larger organizations with end-to-end mobility solutions. As key components of its "Connect, Move and Control" mobility strategy, SYNNEX now offers Motorola's wireless connectivity products that are designed to provide secure and compliant solutions for state-of-the-art secure access. These solutions include Motorola's WLAN, WLAN mesh networks, enterprise voice and AirDefense products. SYNNEX continues to offer Psion, now a part of Motorola Solutions, a line of rugged mobile handheld and vehicle-mounted computers.

Quoting figures from VDI Research Group, Adnon Dow, vice president, global mobility solutions at SYNNEX, says the rugged device market is projected to reach more than $6 billion by 2016, so the channel needs a "secure and efficient method for moving the immense volume of data from those devices to its destination." He also says that SYNNEX's enablement of resellers, mobility strategy, and Motorola Solutions' hardware and software solutions empower resellers to create "recurring revenue streams with a services approach, by providing their customers with the communications, security, access, and data management solutions they are requiring in today's growing market."

Motorola Solutions' networking products span multiple verticals such as government, healthcare, education, retail, and commercial, which dovetail with SYNNEX's vertical market practice. To learn more about Motorola Solutions' networking products through SYNNEX's MOBILITYSolv group, visit, email or call 800-456-4822, ext. 4564.