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Mobility: A Ticket to New Business

Mobile opportunities are not exclusive to vertical markets. All businesses share the need to navigate BYOD issues and manage applications, devices, and content. By Lauren Gibbons Paul

Don't worry if you have not identified one or more vertical industries to target for your mobile products and services. There are many mobile opportunities shared by all businesses, according to Laurie McCabe, partner at analyst firm SMB Group Inc.

“As we get more dependent on using different mobile solutions to run the business, our requirements to manage all this [mobile data] will increase,” says McCabe. “There will be a great need to manage applications, devices, content, mobile websites. This is new, uncharted territory.” No matter the industry, all types of businesses are grappling with the need to help navigate BYOD issues, for example.

Zeno Technology Solutions (ZTS) of Tampa, Fla., serves eight different verticals and is careful not to get pigeonholed. “We're not focused just on any one vertical,” says Terry Hedden, ZTS founder and CEO. “We are focusing on having the mobile conversation with every one of our clients and every prospect. Every vertical has a mobile dream or mobile solution.” This could be as simple as creating a mobile-enhanced website or going one step further and creating a resident mobile app that feeds information back and forth between core business systems.

Hedden expects mobility services to be a major growth area for ZTS this year and beyond. Mobility is increasing because clients see it as an engine for their own revenue growth, he says. Indeed, nearly 60 percent of the SMBs surveyed by the SMB Group say that business has increased since they introduced mobile apps for customers. The conversation is much different than it was a few years ago when the only thing to do was reduce costs.

“Our clients look to us for innovation,” says Hedden. Mobility apps are a clear way to change the way they do business, both inside the company and interacting with customers.

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