Kofax Intros Analytics for Capture

The dashboard and reporting tool provides SMBs with reports, metrics, and trends related to system performance. By Admin

Business processes applications developer Kofax plc is offering business intelligence and analytics for its Capture and Transformation Modules users now with its new Kofax Analytics for Capture.

Kofax Analytics for Capture offers dashboards that provide visibility into the performance of Kofax capture solutions. It is designed to provide “near real time reports, metrics and trends related to system performance, accuracy and productivity,” states a Kofax press release submitted to Channelpro-SMB.

The new reporting features will enable administrators and managers to optimize processes and obtain actionable information.

“As the information explosion continues, Kofax Analytics for Capture helps organizations keep pace by giving them near real-time insight into information that has been captured for optimized decision making and performance,” says Kofax CMO Martyn Christia. “It empowers SMBs to improve operations based on detailed metrics and other insights into process issues, potential bottlenecks and staff productivity concerns.”

Kofax Analytics for Captures offers:

  • Real-time reporting of trends of processes.
  • Self-service, interactive dashboards for gaining process and business insight without the need for IT assistance in building new reports or adjusting database queries.
  • Easy access to and consolidated data from multiple Kofax Capture installations.
  • Applied security roles to protect data according into the consolidated date of multiple Kofax installations.