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Kensington's Latest Hardware Targets SMBs with iPad POS Displays

The solutions offer tools for securing and charging tablet computers in customer sale environments. By Admin

Computer accessory manufacturer Kensington Computer Products Group has five new products for VARs offering tablet computers in the SMB and education markets.  

“Kensington recognizes the growing demand and new usage pattern for tablet computers, particularly the iPad,” says Rob Humphrey, Kensington’s director of security products. “While thousands of iOS applications have been created to serve POS environments, very little has been offered on the ‘hardware’ side. So, we are particularly excited about these new products because we believe that they will greatly benefit point of sale opportunities, enhance the user experience, and improve security policies.”

Kensington Charge & Sync Cabinet for iPad

With space for 10 iPads and the ability to stack up to three cabinets, the Kensington Charge and Sync Cabinet (model #K67771AM) offers simultaneous charge and sync.  Each iPad cabinet is secured to a table with the integrated mounting plate or a cable lock and offers access to each iPad 30-pin connector port.  A single power cord provides charging juice for the entire cabinet. There’s even a built-in fan to keep an iPad cool. Suggested retail price is $599.99.  (Kensington charge cable not included).

SecureBack POS Stand & Enclosure for iPad

The Kensington SecureBack POS Stand and Enclosure (model #K67773AM) for iPad turns an iPad into a Point of Sale tool. The solid metal stand features full 360-degree rotation plus pivot and swivel. The included ClickSafe lock features a disc-style locking head. Suggested retail price is $199.99.

SecureBack PRO Security Enclosure for iPad

The SecureBack PRO iPad Security Enclosure (model # K67756WW) offers iPad security for commercial applications. An iPad slips into a durable case. A ClickSafe lock (sold separately) is then looped around a fixed object and snapped over the ClickSafe anchor. The SecureBack PRO iPad Security Enclosure covers the Power button and includes an optional stick-on Home button guard to prevent unauthorized use and tampering. Suggested retail price is $59.99.

SecureBack VESA Mountable Security Enclosure for iPad

The Kensington SecureBack VESA mountable iPad Security Enclosure (model #K67757AM) are designed to turn an ordinary iPad into a secure commercial tool. It features a built-in ClickSafe Security Anchor and an integrated VESA adapter that mounts on any VESA-compatible mounting device. The power button cover and optional home button cover prevent unauthorized tampering. Suggested retail prices is $69.99.

ClickSafe Point 2 Point Keyed Lock

The ClickSafe Point 2 Point Keyed Lock (model # K64998WW) secures an iPad to a Point-of-Sale stand. Just click the ClickSafe Point 2 Point Keyed Lock to the anchor on a SecureBack enclosure, connect the other side to either the included ClickSafe anchor point or another POS stand. Suggested retail price is $59.99.

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