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HP Adds to Its Intelligent Series Racks

Two new models, 42U racks in 600 mm and 800 mm widths, are added. They offer improved cable management, additional airflow, and accommodation of larger next-generation server, storage, and switching products. By Admin

New HP Intelligent Series Rack models have been introduced by the computing giant. The company’s latest racks offer improved cable management, additional  airflow, and accommodation of larger next-generation server, storage, and switching products.

The new Intelligent Series Network Racks from HP are 42U racks in both 600 mm and 800 mm widths, with rails set back 75 mm to enable room for cabling in the front of the rack with the door closed.

HP Intelligent Series Racks are ideal for SMB, government, and enterprise data centers seeking operating efficiencies. The HP Intelligent Series Racks offer innovative intelligence capabilities for asset management, structural integrity, cooling, and cable management advances as well as a wide choice of power and switching options.

In addition, HP Location Discovery Services in the HP Intelligent Series Racks send the rack identification number and precise U location to the servers  installed in the racks. This provides important location information along with power and temperature data. Workload placement can be optimized with servers and other devices that identify and inventory themselves.

HP Intelligent infrastructure addresses space, power, and cooling concerns in the following ways:

  • Intelligence - HP Intelligent Series Rack enclosures offer optional HP Location Discovery Services for fine-tuning workload placement with servers that identify and inventory themselves for efficient workload placement while removing manual, error-prone asset management tasks.
  • Cooling - HP Thermal Discovery Services technology correlates server temperature and workload to reduce server fan power needed to cool servers efficiently.
  • Power - HP Power Discovery Services technology removes power configuration errors and precisely tracks power usage by rack, server (and other devices), eliminating manual record keeping.
  • Structural Integrity - Up to 3,000 pounds of dynamic loading enables HP Intelligent Series racks to ship and be moved fully configured with all types of equipment.
  • Convenience - Cable management in the back of the rack provides tool-less operations and extra space for hot air to pass out of the rack.

Availability & Pricing

HP Intelligent Series Racks are compatible with all 19-inch rack products. Sold through HP and HP Channel Partners, the HP Intelligent Series Racks are available now. Pricing begins at $1249.

Numerous options, such as the HP Location Discovery Services kit, air duct kit, stabilizing kit, baying kit, grounding kit, and side panels are available and sold separately.

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