FixIT Scripts: A Social Site for MSPs with Scripting Needs & Knowledge

GFI Software's social forum for problem solving, script posting, and idea sharing enters public beta stage. By Admin

Managed services providers have an online social resource available to them. The news comes from developer GFI Software, which launched the interactive social forum to help SMB services providers gain access to peer ideas and crowd-sourced scripts for solving IT problems.

The platform, called FixIT Scripts, helps MSPs looking to source a script with those MSPs who can provide it. While GFI’s MAX RemoteManagement enables MSPs to implement automated and customized scripts, FixIT Scripts extends this offering by expanding the pool of available scripts.

MSPs can use the search tool of to identify a solution that is already hosted on the website or, if no solution exists on the site, describe the problem and invite the community to respond by posting scripts that address the specific problem. The script is then accessible to any future users who experience the same issue.

FixITScripts also enables users to suggest better and different ways of solving a given problem.
The site encourages social participation by rewarding contributors with increased peer reputation, badges, and prizes. Users of FixIT Scripts vote on a script’s usefulness, completeness and quality so the best scripts receive higher visibility.

“When combined with the scripting functionality present in the GFI MAX RemoteManagement platform,” explains Dr. Alistair Forbes, GFI’s general manager, GFI Max, “FixIT Scripts empowers MSPs to create their own scripts to solve specific problems and they’re encouraged to share these unique, customized scripts with the rest of the MSP community.” 

He adds, “Customer satisfaction and retention is always a top priority for MSPs. By joining our forum, they can tap into an additional knowledgebase that improves the quality of service they are able to provide.” 

FixIT Scripts supports many popular scripting languages, including PowerShell, VBScript, JavaScript, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Batch, and Command. In addition, GFI has unveiled a proprietary FixIT Scripts language and tool. The FixIT Scripts tool automatically runs any fixes in GFI’s proprietary script language.

FixIT Scripts is currently in the initial public beta stage. It is offered with unlimited, free access.