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FinderCodes Help Track Lost Tech Gear via QR Codes

The AT&T-branded FinderCodes kits are available in seven different product lines By Rachel Cericola

Do you lose gadgets pretty easily? Smartphones, laptops, tools, sunglasses and keys; it's a lot to keep tabs on. If you're one of those people that's constantly losing a little something, you may want to check out FinderCodes.

FinderCodes are little stickers and tags that go on all of your gadgets and other essentials. Put one on your dog, if you like; they go on anything that you seem to misplace on a regular basis. It sounds very easy, but FinderCodes actually have a little something special inside -- technology! When someone finds one of your lost items, they can just scan the QR code on the sticker with a smartphone and access your contact info.

It's very similar to Apple's Find My iPhone app, except it works with other items that aren't the iPhone.

Now, if you lose something really cool, the finder may not want to return it. However, if you've got a Good Samaritan (and there are plenty of them out there!), FinderCodes makes it much easier for that person to track you down. Also, once the code is scanned, you'll get a notice via email or text.

"We are extremely pleased to join AT&T to bring this innovative and incredibly useful product to consumers," said Blake Sohn, president of FinderCodes, LLC. "We're confident that the strength and support of the AT&T brand combined with this unique product offering will make FinderCodes a winner on store shelves and in homes across the US and Canada."

Tags are available for backpacks, babies, sporting equipment, and other items. The Electronics kit is currently available for pre-order, with a pack of nine tags going for $24.99. That will get you five adhesive tags, one small tag with a stainless steel ring, and one medium tag with a stainless steel ring.

All of the tags are waterproof, tear-proof and durable. Also, you can easily change contact info, so you won't have to get a new set of tags every time you need to make a tweak.

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