Excel4apps Partners with Freudenberg IT

The companies leverage Excel4app's GL Wand in providing a direct link between SAP Financials and an Excel-based interface. By Admin

Excel-based solutions provider Excel4apps has entered into a partnership with SAP-certified hosting and cloud services provider Freudenberg IT (FIT). Central to the partnership is GL Wand from Excel4apps, an SAP-certified integration solution that provides a direct link between SAP Financials and an Excel-based interface without the need for a data warehouse, additional hardware or programming support.

"FIT is a high-profile, well-established company with a significant SAP user base, and we are proud to have them recognize the value of GL Wand for SAP and our other SAP products," says Scott Stollwerk, Excel4apps’ vice president of sales.

“We look forward to engaging our SAP customers with a value-added product like Excel4apps," adds Richard Downham, FIT’s vice president of business development.

According to Downham, the partnership enhances FIT’s value proposition. Specifically, the company says the partnership reduces the risk and cost of customers running their SAP infrastructure.