Evault Partners with Fujitsu to Deliver an Enhanced Backup & Recovery Portfolio

Fujitsu will launch a series of services based on the EVault technology designed to enable adoption of a hybrid cloud backup strategy. By Admin

Seagate company EVault Inc. have entered into a partnership with Fujitsu. The partnership enables Fujitsu to expand and enhance its backup and recovery portfolio by bringing to market a series of comprehensive hybrid cloud services designed to enable SMBs to leverage cloud backup effectively.

“Organizations today have to navigate changing and complicated data backup and recovery requirements and, increasingly, they are looking for solutions that provide flexibility on data location and storage,” states an EVault press release submitted to ChannelPro-SMB.

Fujitsu’s hybrid cloud backup solutions, combining Fujitsu technology with EVault software, are designed to offer new levels of choice for companies seeking a reliable, agile backup method that accommodates changing business and regulatory requirements and multiple traditional and cloud platforms.

Over the coming months, Fujitsu will launch a series of services based on the EVault technology. These services are designed to enable adoption of a hybrid cloud backup strategy with the ability to manage cloud-based and traditional on-premise data and meet specific data residency, compliance, or protection requirements.

Customers will be able to store and retrieve their data from both client devices as well as servers, databases and whole systems, and have the flexibility to define where and how they store their data.

To aid in the backup and restoration of large volumes of data quickly, Fujitsu will offer services that enable data to be stored on an on-premise device to capture initial full backup before transport to a Fujitsu data center, with following backups taking place over the network.  

“Strategic partnerships are fundamental to EVault’s success, and we are delighted to be working so closely with Fujitsu,” says EVault president and general manager Terry Cunningham. “By leveraging EVault’s solid backup offerings on Fujitsu Cloud, the partnership brings easy-to-implement, efficient, and secure cloud-connected backup to organizations navigating the complexities of online business continuity.”