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Demystifying the Xerox Managed Print Program

Xerox's Chris Iburg explains his company’s managed print service portfolio for MSPs in the SMB space. By Joel Zaidspiner

Xerox was geared up and ready to talk about managed print services and the future of print in the SMB office last month during the Photizo Transform 2013 MPS Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. As Xerox product marketing manager Paul Criswell explained in his blogpost, “Xerox Helping Lead the Managed Print Services Revolution,” Xerox attended Photizo's Transform event to discuss with channel partners “the future of document technology and how we, the technology experts, can make you, our customers, more productive and reduce your business expenses.” Chris Iburg, director of managed print services for Xerox Corp., attended the event to represent “the part of Xerox that is channel-focused, providing programs and products and solutions and services to channel partners.” In an exclusive interview with ChannelPro-SMB, Iburg explained the three core offerings available to channel MSPs and to talk about some of the trends and developments in the print services category. WITH AN EYE ON MANAGED PRINT
According to Iburg, there are few trends taking place in the channel that partners should know. One is that SMBs want managed network print services. The second is that it's getting harder and harder to differentiate between the print guy and they IT guy. “SMBs are starting to ask for someone who will manage their network print devices,” Iburg says. “And there's a big convergence of the copier dealer channel and the IT channel. Both are adding complementary skill sets.” Iburg says that could spell trouble for traditional MSPs. “They've got to make a decision,” he says. “Are they going to play offense or defense? Do they want to do all the services SMBs want? Or, are they going to wait until the copier guy comes in the back door and expands their relationship with the customer into all the IT services?” With an understanding of this convergence and the trend toward managed print, Xerox is working to provide a full spectrum of solutions. “We actually offer three different programs that partners can participate in,” Iburg explains. “It all depends on what the SMB wants.” THREE MANAGED PRINT OPTIONS FOR PARTNERS
According to Iburg, Xerox partners see “above average margins” on their managed print deals - “the gross margin is around 25 to 35 percent,” he says. To accommodate as many managed print services models as possible, Xerox offers three basic programs:

  1. E-Concierge - This is Xerox's most basic package for partners. Iburg calls it “a no-contract-required supplies fulfillment tool.” He says it's a way for partners to “get SMB devices under a kind of management process.”
  2. Xerox Remote Print - Formerly called 'PagePack,' this program puts Xerox devices under a 12- to 60-month contract for the managed delivery of break-fix service and consumable supplies. “Xerox will make sure that we provide service,” Iburg explains, “or, if the partner wants to provide service, they can do the break-fix themselves. “
  3. Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS) - This is a robust managed print program that supports not only Xerox devices, but non-Xerox devices as well. It also offers assessment and monitoring tools. “It's a lot more proactive than anything we've had in the past,” Iburg adds.

“Our managed print services offerings to channel partners has been continuously improving,” Iburg says. “We're enhancing and delivering the tools, the know-how, the expertise to build a managed partner practice.”

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