DameWare Enables MSP Connectivity Via iPhone and iPad

Through DameWare Mobile, administrators can remotely support Windows, Linus, and OS X machines. By Admin

IT management software developer SolarWinds has added DameWare Mobile to its DameWare Remote Support remote IT admin solution. The addition provides system administrators with the means to connect remotely to Windows desktops, laptops, and servers via iPhone and iPad devices and share users’ screens to provide support and troubleshooting from any location.

DameWare Remote Support provides remote management of Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows servers, notebooks, and laptops for quick end-user support from one console. As part of the DameWare suite of remote support solutions, it includes DameWare Mini Remote Control for fast and secure access to remote systems with built-in chat functions and shared end-user screens.

DameWare Mobile enables:

  • Management and administration of remote Windows, Linux and OS X machines.
  • Exportation and inventory reporting of detailed information from remote computers.
  • Management of Active Directory, users, groups, files, directories, printers, and more.
  • Ability to start, stop, and restart Windows services without use of a remote control.
  • DameWare Mini Remote Control for shared end-user desktop screen viewing and access during remote support sessions.

DameWare Mobile includes a virtual mouse, keyboard, and hotkey controls. It is available now and starts at $349, including a year of maintenance.