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CompTIA Introduces Mobility+ Standard

The skills certification standard covers knowledge and skillsets required by channel pros in the deployment, integration, support, and management of a mobile environment. By ChannelPro

Nonprofit IT trade group CompTIA has introduced a new skills certification standard for mobile technologies. The CompTIA Mobility+ standard covers knowledge and skillsets required by channel pros in the deployment, integration, support, and management of a mobile environment. This includes mobile device management, security, networking, and troubleshooting aspects.

“Accommodating mobile devices and apps and optimizing the mobile experience for customers and employees alike are top priorities for virtually all organizations,” says Terry Erdle, CompTIA’s executive vice president of skills certification. “But the various facets of the mobile ecosystem present many challenges for IT professionals, who must balance user expectations with requirements for availability, reliability and security.”

Erdle explains, “CompTIA Mobility+ will identify IT professionals who possess the validated skills to deploy, integrate, manage and secure mobile devices and platforms to optimize performance and mitigate risks and threats.”

CompTIA Mobility+ represents the second mobility-related certification introduced by CompTIA in 2013. In October, CompTIA launched its Mobile App Security+ credential aimed at raising security awareness and preparedness in the mobile app development universe.

Potential Candidates

According to a CompTIA press release submitted to ChannelPro-SMB, potential candidates for the CompTIA Mobility+ credential include mobility architects, mobility engineers, network administrators, and security administrators. “The certification is best suited for individuals who are CompTIA Network+ certified or have equivalent working knowledge,” the organization states. It is also advised that test-takers have at least 18 months of work experience in the administration of mobile devices.

Sample Exam Content

Looking for a taste what is covered on the CompTIA Mobility+ exam? Here are five sample questions. Read through to the end of the story to check your answers.

  1. Which of the following frequencies is assigned to Wi-Fi?
    1. 850 MHz
    2. 900 MHz
    3. 1.2 GHz
    4. 2.4 GHz 
  2. A mobile engineer is conducting site surveys to determine which frequencies are available. Which of the following should she use?
    1. Bluetooth Device
    2. GPS Navigator
    3. Spectrum Analyzer
    4. Multi-Meter
  3. Which of the following is the BEST option to disable application inventory and location information from executive mobile devices while obtaining the same information from the rest of the employee mobile devices?
    1. Deploy different mobile operating systems to executives and employees.
    2. Apply group-based policies on MDM server.
    3. Use access control list on MDM server.
    4. Deploy different MDM server for executives and employees.
  4. Which of the following is the BEST configuration to improve the security of data on a mobile device?
    1. Configure the remote lock feature so if the mobile device is stolen it can be unlocked after recovery.
    2. Configure remote wipe so if the mobile device is stolen its content can be erased.
    3. Configure remote reporting so that the mobile device can report when it is stolen.
    4. Configure remote control on the mobile device so it can be remotely administered.
  5. A network administrator notices an unusual volume of mobile device traffic going out over FTP to one particular unknown location. Which of the following ports should be blocked?
    1. 21
    2. 80
    3. 143
    4. 990

Courseware & Training

CompTIA-authorized learning content partner Logical Operations is offering CompTIA Mobility+ courseware to members via the CompTIA Marketplace and Logical Operations’ e-commerce store. The courseware’s instructor and student editions support a 32-hour, expert-facilitated class that can be taught in varying periods of time.

Online assessments and eBook versions of the student manual are available through Logical Operation’s CHOICE learning platform.

In addition, Mobile Comply offers its “Mobility Plus for the IT Professional: CompTIA Mobility+ Certification Training” both as an instructor-led offering and as a 14-day or 5-day online training. By mid-November, Mobile Comply will offer a print version of its Mobility Plus for IT Professionals curricula.

Complete exam objectives are available on the CompTIA Certification website.

Sample Exam Content Answers

  1. 2.4 GHz
  2. Spectrum analyzer
  3. Apply group-based policies on MDM server.
  4. Configure remote wipe so if the mobile device is stolen its content can be erased.
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