CIO Playbook' Promises a 'Crystal Ball' for Data Center Performance

Emerson Network Power's latest PDF resource offers a three-tiered approach to assessing systems and identifying potential inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. By Admin

Critical infrastructure innovator Emerson Network Power has released a new “CIO Playbook” focused on the topic of data center visibility for improved efficiency and availability.

The Playbook, “Cultivating a Crystal Ball for Data Center Performance and Availability (PDF),” presents a three-tiered approach to assessing electrical and thermal systems and identifying potential vulnerabilities and inefficiencies:

  1. Local Monitoring—Visibility into equipment operating status and real-time alerts and alarms.
  2. Data Aggregation—Aggregated data across the facility for the identification of dependencies and optimized systems.
  3. Enterprise Intelligence—Data is transformed into intelligence that can be accessed by IT and facilities personnel.

The outlined system is designed to enable data center managers to manage capacity, identify and rectify data center issues, and increase asset utilization and productivity.

“When you analyze the obstacles managers face in improving data center performance, you always come back to lack of visibility,” says Blake Carlson, Emerson Network Power’s vice president of global strategy and business development. “For data center management to advance in maturity, data center managers need a single window into utilization and performance across systems—the data center equivalent of a crystal ball. With that tool, they can break down organizational silos and move to data-driven decision making and management.”