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Case Study: Resort Saves Money and Improves Voice Quality with ADTRAN ActivReach

Auberge du Lac à l'Eau Claire Resort upgrades to an IP-based voice communication system while continuing to use its existing CAT3 wiring. By ChannelPro

ADTRAN partner, Sogetel, has been providing telecommunication services to business and residential customers in Quebec, Canada since 1892. One of the Sogetel's clients, Auberge du Lac à l'Eau Claire, is a four-season property resort located on a lake in Québec serving business travelers attending conventions and tourists.

The resort had a Nortel legacy PBX telephone system in both guest room and administrative offices. Since the system was aging, the equipment was often malfunctioning and phone lines became unreliable. Also, as Nortel was no longer in business, Sogetel was unable to get support to help troubleshoot issues. Replacement parts were challenging to locate and often expensive.

The resort's legacy telephone system was deployed over CAT 3 wiring, which posed an additional challenge. The underground pipes and long cable loops (some over 300 meters) made upgrading the wiring to CAT5 extremely expensive. The resort also has a remote garage on the property, which needed to be connected to the telephone network as well. These requirements combined with the aging technology resulted in the current network no longer meeting the resort's needs.

Sogetel recommended that Auberge du Lac à l'Eau Claire upgrade its telephone network by using ADTRAN's NetVanta 1535P with ActivReach, which would allow the use of existing wiring instead of rewiring the entire resort. The NetVanta 1535P with ActivReach delivers voice, data, video, and PoE over voice-quality wiring.

ActivReach supports CAT6, CAT5, CAT3, or legacy copper wiring and extends Ethernet reach up to 488 meters without the need for additional fiber, repeaters, or switch infrastructure. A single integrated switch delivers Ethernet connectivity across all wiring infrastructures. ActivReach also connects extended reach endpoints over large floorspace locations, such as high-rise buildings, warehouses, and resorts.

Sogetel installed the NetVanta 1535P with ActivReach and connected to the existing CAT3 wiring. The extended reach of the switch allowed Sogetel to connect the remote garage to the network as well, giving employees working in this location access to the rest of the resort. With the new switch, Sogetel was able to deploy 15 new Mitel VoIP telephones to the resort, providing guests and employees with access to the next generation technology.

"When a guest calls the front desk, resort staff can see who is calling and address the guest by name instead of having to ask for their room number. This allows the resort to offer more personalized service to their guests at the hotel," says Christopher Durieux, director of business services, Sogetel. "The ability to use VoIP technology has also provided a much high level of voice quality for hotel guests when making telephone calls."

Auberge du Lac à l'Eau Claire has also been able to program wake up calls instead of manually making each phone call. The new telephones allow the resort to unhook long distance capabilities from guest rooms, which was a feature previously not available. With the voice communications system, the resort is also considering adding an onsite call center to better manage reservations and agents.


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