Blogging Tools to the Rescue!

We all know by now that blogging is not only a popular marketing tactic, but it brings strong SEO (search engine optimization) benefits to your firm (brand awareness, backlinks to your website, etc.). But I find the number one reason people don't blog is because they don't know what to write about. Social Media Examiner asked 22 blogging pros about the tools they know and love. Here are four that can shoot that excuse down and arm you with relevant and anticipated topics now and into the future.

  1. InboxQ is a nifty little tool where you can find questions people are asking on Twitter. Leverage it to build up your blog ideas by creating a blog that answers the questions being asked.
  2. Content Idea Generator Google doc helps you find news and topics from a variety of places. It also organizes it in a convenient way so you're ready to write at any given time.
  3. Diigo is a very cool way to keep track of topics for quick retrieval.
  4. Not mentioned in the article but one I use consistently is Google Alerts. It's simple to set up an Alert on a topic or technology (mobility), an industry you serve (non-profit, manufacturing), or a customer/company you want to write about. Alerts will deliver information to you about the topic on a daily or weekly basis, giving you a wealth of ideas to write about.

Bonus Tool: For those of us with short attention spans, this tool is tops! Focus Booster breaks up your work time into 25 minute chunks to improve your productivity. If you're easily distracted by emails or social media sites, check this one out today!

So if your main excuse is that you have nothing to write about, you're obviously not alone. These tools were developed to help bloggers get past that problem with ease. If you still struggle with setting aside time for blogs or thinking of fresh and exciting topics, contact us at The Partner Marketing Group about our blog writing services.

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