Before Year-End, Check Off the Items on Marketing's 'Honey Do' List

Most of us have a “honey do” list of household maintenance items we hand to our spouse with a fervent wish that he will complete them. As we approach the end of 2012 (it's only 6 weeks away!), your marketing team should have their own honey-do list of items to complete for your organization.

Here are four items that should be on the honey-do list at all times:

  1. Your company profile. What does it look like on the Google, Bing, and Yahoo business listings? Is it consistent with what is listed on Manta,, Microsoft Pinpoint, and other vendor sites?
  2. Company and award logos. If you've changed your company information/logo in 2012, has it been reflected in all the online sites where you're listed? Did you win any awards this year that should be featured prominently? Are you leveraging the power of LinkedIn to promote your company's accomplishments?
  3. Your website content. This is a big one and a task that should never leave the Honey Do list. Websites need constant attention to (a) remove outdated content, (b) monitor (and adjust if necessary) the keywords you're using and (c) to add fresh content regularly. Search engines love fresh content and with regular website maintenance, your search engine rankings could increase.
  4. Blogging. Speaking of fresh content, blogging is a great way to add that fresh content to your website in small “bites.” However, many blogs fall victim to neglect, which defeats the purpose of having one. Create a blog calendar for your team (there are many calendar templates online), assign responsibilities, and hold people accountable.

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